Tibia Is Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary Today


Today, Tibia is saying goodbye to those pesky teenage years as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary. What better time to celebrate such a milestone than shortly after the decade-old level 999 door was finally opened?

To celebrate, several events are running throughout the month. Players can make piñata dragons from old rags, then slay them for various "treats" and progress towards "party time," which grants everyone on their world 15% experience while it is active. There is "an exploration tour" set up that leads players to a treasure hunting zone. Players can go on a search for the First Dragon. Players can also fight "tibianised Cipsoft members" for a chance at "a 20th anniversary backpack."

Raffles for shields of honour and Premium Time are also going to be held later in the month. Several store products are 20% off until the end of January.

Have any of you played Tibia in the 20 years that it's been online? Are any of you still playing it today?