Torchlight 3 Early Access Launch Marred By Issues, Act 3 Promised Within The Next Few Months

torchlight 3 courtyard bannerTorchlight 3, formerly known as Torchlight Frontiers, officially launched into Steam Early Access earlier this week and, as expected, ran into problems because of the sheer number of players trying to login to the game. Echtra Games co-founder and Torchlight franchise creator Max Schaefer acknowledged the launch week problems and even cited Murphy’s Law in a letter that he penned to the community:

“Every launch of an online game brings with it the certainty that everything that could go wrong, will. And Torchlight III didn't disappoint! The crowds streaming in had the predictable effect of overwhelming our servers and exposing the breaking points that our Beta didn't touch. But, 36 hours of the heroic effort by our server team restored order and thousands of players are now finding loot and vanquishing monsters left and right.”

Schaefer says that the team quickly got back on track after a rocky first few days and are now working on the Third Act which is expected to launch in the next weeks or months along with the contracts and fame system and an unannounced endgame feature. They’re also continually working on fixing the stability and login issues and bugs that have continued to plague the game since launch.

Head over to the Torchlight 3 official site for more details. You can also check out the official Early Access trailer after the jump.