Echonok Update Is Now Live In Torchlight 3 Featuring The Third And Final Story Act

torchlight 3 echonok dwarven ruins banner

As promised, Echtra Games has just rolled out the massive Torchlight 3 “Echonok” update that features the third and final act in the game’s storyline. Act 3 is set in the Echonok Mountains where players will get to explore abandoned Dwarven structures guarded by automatons and the bird-like Voltura. “The dusty halls of the industrious dwarves echo with the shrieks [...]

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Torchlight 3’s Third And Final Act ‘Echonok’ Rolls Out Tomorrow On Steam Early Access

torchlight 3 echonok screenshot banner

Echtra Games has announced the official release date of Act 3 of their recently-released Torchlight game, Torchlight 3. Act 3, called Echonok, will feature the new Mt. Echonok zone along with new story content, new environments, and new dungeons where Novastraia’s defenders will get to face off against new enemies and bosses that drop new Echonok-themed loot. “Players exploring Echonok [...]

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Torchlight 3

torchlight 3 mossnubber

Torchlight 3 is a buy-to-play 3D medieval fantasy MMOARPG where players embark on a quest to once again prevent the evil Netherim from invading Novastraia. The game features mob-filled zones, challenging boss fights, pets, crafting, and player housing. Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment Playerbase: High Type: 3D Buy-to-Play MMOARPG Release Date: June 13, 2020 Pros: +Unique classes. +Colorful cartoony graphics and [...]

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Torchlight 3 Early Access Launch Marred By Issues, Act 3 Promised Within The Next Few Months

torchlight 3 courtyard banner

Torchlight 3, formerly known as Torchlight Frontiers, officially launched into Steam Early Access earlier this week and, as expected, ran into problems because of the sheer number of players trying to login to the game. Echtra Games co-founder and Torchlight franchise creator Max Schaefer acknowledged the launch week problems and even cited Murphy’s Law in a letter that he penned [...]

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Torchlight III Now Available on Steam Early Access for $29.99

Torchlight 3, the latest installment in the Torchlight ARPG series, officially launched on Steam Early Access today for $29.99. “Torchlight III entering Steam Early Access marks the exciting return of the Torchlight franchise that ARPG fans know and love,” said Max Schaefer, CEO of Echtra Games and co-founder of the Torchlight franchise. “Player feedback is incredibly important to us, and [...]

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Torchlight 3 Skill Progression Completely Reworked In This Week’s Patch

torchlight 3 attack mob banner

Echtra Games has changed how skill progression is handled in Torchlight 3 with a massive patch earlier this week. Skills were previously unlocked by spending skill points on skills in previous tiers. With the skill rework in place, new skills will now automatically be unlocked at certain levels (currently 5/10/15/20). Skill points will still be used to improve skills but [...]

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Torchlight 3 Reveals New Sharpshooter Class

torchlight 3 sharpshooter cinematic banner

Perfect World Entertainment and Ecthra Games has just unveiled the newest class in their upcoming multiplayer ARPG Torchlight 3, formerly known as Torchlight Frontiers. Equipped with ranged weapons, the Sharpshooter, a.k.a the Elusive Explorer, uses precision skills and ancient magical trinkets to take down enemies before they can even get close. The Sharpshooter will also be the only class that [...]

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