Torchlight 3 Announces Final Server Wipe Schedule And 1-Week Early Access Head Start

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Echtra Games has just published a new Torchlight 3 State of the Game update following the official launch date reveal yesterday. The new post on the game’s Steam page, explains how the game will transition from Early Access to full release, starting with a full server wipe on October 6th. “Everything will be completely wiped. Everyone in Early Access will [...]

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Torchlight 3 Leaves Early Access In October

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After into Early Access back in June, major gameplay changes, and a full wipe, Torchlight 3 is finally ready for full release. Echtra Games has just announced that the latest game in the Torchlight franchise will be launching on October 13 on Steam, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. “We're incredibly excited to announce that Torchlight III, the light-hearted and [...]

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The Torchlight 3 Public Test Realm Is Now Live

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As promised, the Torchlight 3 Public Test Realm is now live which means that player can now take the ARPG’s end-game Fazeer’s Dun’jinn Challenge for a test run. Since the PTR is a development environment, Echtra Games says players should expect bugs and that they’d appreciate feedback from the community. Bug reports and feedback can be sent through the #public-test-realm [...]

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Torchlight 3 End-Game System And Relic Overhaul Revealed, Torchlight 2 Will Be For A Limited Time

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Echtra Games has just published their latest Torchlight 3 state of the game update on Steam. It’s been four weeks since the game launched on Steam and the developers are proud to report that they’ve been hard at work fixing bugs and other reported issues that have been plaguing the game since launch. The developers also revealed the game’s card-based [...]

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