Torchlight 3 Is Giving Out Gifts To Celebrate ‘12 Days Of Wipemas’

torchlight 3 fazeer shah banner

Late last month, Echtra Games revealed their plans to revamp the Torchlight 3 Relic System to make it more accessible to players during the early stages of the game. Unfortunately, they’ll also need to wipe the servers because of the significant effects the changes would have on how the game is played. That was supposed to happen later today but has been pushed back to August 11th.

In the meantime, Echtra is running an event 12 "Days of Wipemas" in the next 12 days leading up to the wipe called. The event works just like the Christmas song it was based on. Players will get a new gift each day plus the gifts from the previous days of the event. The gifts will be sent through the in-game mail and will have a 24-hour expiration.

The studio will be revealing the details of the upcoming Relic System changes in the next State of the Game. Merry Wipemas everyone!