Torchlight 3 Skill Progression Completely Reworked In This Week’s Patch

torchlight 3 attack mob bannerEchtra Games has changed how skill progression is handled in Torchlight 3 with a massive patch earlier this week. Skills were previously unlocked by spending skill points on skills in previous tiers. With the skill rework in place, new skills will now automatically be unlocked at certain levels (currently 5/10/15/20). Skill points will still be used to improve skills but have been reduced to 60 points from 100 to increase the importance of choosing the right skills to allocate them on.

Skills have also been moved around to ensure that three skills are unlocked at a time. Echtra says that they’ll continually be moving skills around as they gather feedback on its effects on each class. And because these changes will drastically affect how and which skills are unlocked, the developers have force re-speced all characters in the game. So don’t be surprised to see your skills reset when you log in.

“We received a lot of great feedback asking for more class/build options,” says the devs. “The team believes this will help give players more build flexibility and earlier opportunities for customization as they can now choose to hoard their points in order to invest in skills that are unlocked at a later level. We will continue to work on other areas to encourage more build variety in the coming weeks.”

You can browse through the full patch notes on Torchlight 3 Steam Community Page.