Transformers Online Details Emerge As First Beta Begins


When Transformers Online was first announced last week at ChinaJoy, very few details were came along with the announcement. We knew that it was a first-person shooter based on the Transformers IP and that it somewhat resembled Overwatch, but little more. However, it seems that the title sneaked into Closed Beta yesterday and MMOCulture has uncovered an assortment of details about the title as a result.

Transformers Online is a character-based first-person shooter. Each character has its own gun and melee weapon that is unique to them, as well as a single active skill that serves as an ultimate. Each character can enter vehicle mode, and some ultimates may even require the player to be in vehicle mode, but it is mostly used simply to get around the map faster.

The modes that are currently available are Team Deathmatch, Point Capture, the melee-only mode Blade Wars, and a mode where you can fight against AI bots. Teams can be comprised of both Autobots and Decepticons, which may be a downside for some.

The game contains a "Spark System" which is similar League of Legends' Rune system. New Transformers can be purchased from the cash shop for either in-game currency or real money.

While the easy way to get into the Beta ended on August 4th, you can still attempt to get a code by completing the activities on this page daily between now and August 14th and hoping for the best. To take part, you need only to have a QQ account—it will also ask for a phone number, but you can put anything in there, as it's only for notifications. If you don't have one yet, you can use our guide to set one up. It is not yet known if the game has an IP block in place, but it would be safe to assume it does not, as it is published by Tencent.