Wakfu Raiders To Receive "Frontier Siege" Mode, New Chapters

Wakfu's social action RPG spin-off, Wakfu Raiders, is set to receive a major new update later this week. The game's publisher, gumi, announced in a press release today, the update will add a brand new "Frontier Siege" mode. In this mode, players will use their "already-powerful units" to fight through increasingly powerful hordes of all sorts of iconic Wakfu wildlife, such as gobballs and wabbits. Several bosses will included, as well. While this may sound tough, players are allowed to heal and revive units between stages. Players that win succeed in completing these trials will unlock exclusive characters and other high-level rewards.

In addition to this major update, recent updates have seen the inclusion of "player-requested features" like leaderboards and a friend referral system. Story chapters 7 and 8 were also added recently. In these chapters, players get to visit the Whispering Island and Sadida Kingdom.