Warframe ‘Operation: Plague Star’ Event Delayed Due To A Bug That Makes It ‘Unplayable’

warframe operation plague starDisappointing news for space ninjas eagerly waiting the return of Operation: Plague Star in Warframe. The event has been delayed until further notice due to issues that, according to Digital Extremes, makes the operation “incompletable”.

The problem is further compounded by a bug that causes the Xbox One version of the game to crash. The game will need to pass Certification before the devs can actually roll out the hotfix. The team promises a quick turnaround with regard to the Xbox One issue but will have to delay Plague Star’s launch on all platforms to make sure that everybody gets access to it at the same time.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of the fixes. You can also head over to the Warframe official forums for more info.