Warlords Awakening Exits Early Access on Nov 28

Warlords Awakening, previously known as ELOA, is exiting early access on November 28 on Steam. While ELOA and previous versions of the game overseas were free to play, Warlords Awakening is a buy to play title. Those interested in checking it out can do so for free though this weekend (Nov 22 - Nov 25) as the game is hosting a free weekend.

November 28th also marks the game's next big update which increases the max level to 50, adds 4 new dungeons, new balance tweaks, and more.

Warlords Awakening is a buy-to-play that will deliver this latest version with some of its most outstanding features: New maximum level 50, 4 new dungeons, new language in Portuguese, guild shop, New PvP Session, balance of classes, the event of the Christmas system, and much more.

To add excitement to this new release, the game will keep the gamer community entertained every Wednesday through their social networks with new events and exclusive prizes.

Time will tell if the free weekend and official launch can boost the game's numbers, because as is the numbers are quite low. Steamcharts shows the game averaging only 54 players online at any given time over the last 30 days.

Given that this game has already flopped multiple times as a free to play title (first overseas, then Numerous times in the West), I suspect it won't find success as a buy to play game. Time will tell though.