Warlords Awakening Shutting Down on June 28 (Third Time its Shutting Down)

Warlords Awakening, previously known as Inspirit Online and ELOA, is shutting down on June 28, 2019. Until its official shut down the game will be free to play with its cash shop disabled. No one should be surprised with this announcement as this is the game's third launch and arguably its worst launch, as it was free to play back when it was Inspirit Online and ELOA. Given that the game never managed to attract much of an audience when it was free to play, the buy to play relaunch didn't really make any sense.

RIP Warlords Wakening July 26, 2018 - June 28, 2019. Is third time the charm? Will this one stay dead for good? Who knows. I wouldn't be surprised to see it relaunch for a fourth time.

Source: Official Announcement