Webzen Reports Earnings - Mu Franchise Still Brings in over 75% of Webzens' Revenue

Webzen reported Q2 2017 earnings today and while revenues increased 1% quarter over quarter, they were down 19% year over year. Total game revenue for the quarter was $38.19 million. The Mu Franchise continued to bring in the vast majority of the company's revenues (Mu Origin, Mu: Online, Mu Legend, etc) at 77% of total revenues. Unfortunately, we still have no definitive release date / open beta date for Mu Legend in the West.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the earnings release for me what the revelation that Shot Online, the golfing MMO released in 2005, still brings in about $6M a year for the company (Webzen owns GamesCampus). As with most smaller South Korean gaming companies, the vast majority of Webzen's revenues come from their games in South Korea. International sales made up 71% of total sales.

Source: Webzen Earnings Presentation