Wind of Luck: Arena Hits 0.8.3, Preps For Steam Release

You would easily be forgiven for not hearing of Wind of Luck: Arena before now. The indie free-to-play arena combat game set in the age of sail is still in development and, despite being greenlit, hasn't received all that much attention as of yet. The closest comparison I can draw is World of Warships but I would say that the game's faster-paced naval duels resemble Pirates of the Burning Sea's naval combat a bit more.


If you're wondering why you haven't seen this intriguing "age of sail World of Warships" on Steam yet, the reason is that it isn't on Steam yet. The game has been open to players for quite some time now through a self-hosted download on the official site, but it hasn't quite reached a point where the developers are ready to open it to the much larger Steam audience just yet. They are working towards it, though, as yesterday's patch notes make sure to note that "preparations for the Steam release were made," however vague that might be.

Other improvements made to the game include a new chat system that offers something closer to other free-to-play online arena games, a friends list, and improvements to client-server synchronization that help those with weaker or less stable connections stay synchronized. Quality of life improvements have also been made, including a rework to the shipyard UI that allows players to equip their ships via the shipyard screen and improved filters for both the shop and arsenal menus.