Zynga Now Owns Torchlight 3 Developer Echtra Games

torchlight 3 relic update keyart bannerFollowing the recent string of acquisitions within the game industry, Zynga has just announced today that it has acquired Echtra Games, the studio behind Torchlight 3. While Torchlight 3 is the only game that the studio has released so far, Zynga says that its Max Schaefer and his team’s impressive resume that bolstered the company’s interest in Echtra Games.

Max Schaefer, has worked on a number of high-profile games, including Diablo, Diablo 2, and the Torchlight series. “Max and his team at Echtra Games are responsible for some of the most legendary game properties ever created, and they are experts in the action RPG genre and cross-platform development,” Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau told GamesIndustry.biz.

Gibeau added that Echtra will play an important role in helping expanding Zynga’s target market by bringing their mobile IPs to PC and console starting with an unannounced cross-platform RPG.

Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga, also said that their acquisition of multiple game studios over the past few years has contributed to the company’s growth and success. These studios include Gram Games, Peak Games, Small Giant, and Rollic.

“We remain aggressive and inquisitive around buying more game studios and tech companies that we believe can be added to Zynga,” said Kim.

Zynga assured that there will be no layoffs following the acquisition.

Zynga is an American social games developer known for Zynga Poker and the Farmville series of games.


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