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Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is a mobile MMORPG that fuses classical console RPG combat with addictive card collecting, creating a unique game that appeals to casual and hardcore players alike. Venture forth into Grand Gaia and unleash your summoner powers to create the ultimate squad from over 200 legendary heroes and beasts!

Publisher: Gumi
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: December 13, 2013 (NA)
Pros: +Tons of characters to collect. +Fun, nostalgic gameplay. +Great soundtrack and artwork.
Cons: -Energy-based play limits session length. -Balance issues in PvP Arena.

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Brave Frontier Overview

Brave Frontier is a mobile MMORPG available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire that takes place in the world of Grand Gaia, where players summon gods to do their bidding in the war against darkness. The game combines console-style RPG combat reminiscent of the Final Fantasy series and the addictive card collecting and fusing found in games like Monster Strike, giving Brave Frontier a unique mix of nostalgia and compulsive replayability. Setting itself apart from the oft simplistic turn-based combat of retro JRPGs, Brave Frontier introduces a time-based element called Spark which ensures extra loot and damage to players who can time unit attacks to hit their target at the same time, as well as a Brave Burst system that allows units to unleash special attacks after filling up their Burst bar. The game’s card collection system is facilitated by the summoning menu, which costs premium currency, and by completing quests and missions in the game’s multiple modes for random card drops—cards can be fused and evolved to become even more powerful, giving the game lots of depth.

Brave Frontier Key Features:

  • Turn-based RPG Combat – Experience a nostalgic turn-based system with unique depth added through the game’s Spark and Burst systems.
  • Over 200 Units to Collect – Discover a huge variety of gods and beasts to crush enemies with.
  • Card Collecting and Fusing – Summon and collect monsters from the game’s quests and missions, then fuse and evolve them to make them even stronger.
  • PvP Arena – Fight against other players in the game’s arena for awesome arena-only rewards.
  • Co-operative Gameplay – Take on raid battles with other players and chip away at boss health to get a shot at awesome card drops and items.

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System Requirements

Brave Frontier Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 2.3 or later, iOS 5.1.1 or later


Brave frontier Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Brave Frontier Additional Information

Developer: A-Lim
Publisher: Gumi
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire

Director: Eiji Takahashi
Producer: Hisatoshi Hayakashi
Artist: Yutaka Ebishima
Writer: Hiroshi Sasako
Composer: Hiroshi Hashimoto

Release Date (JP): July 3, 2013
Release Date (US): December 13, 2013

Brave Frontier is developed by Japanese developer A-Lim, who published the game in Japan on July 3, 2013. Brave Frontier was later published worldwide by Japanese mobile publisher Gumi, publisher of Chain Chronicle, on December 13, 2013 in multiple languages, universally. The game won the award for “Best Made In Singapore Game” in 2014 and became the most downloaded game on both Android and iOS as of August 2014.