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Energy Heroes

Energy Heroes is a TPS MOBA with comic book style graphics. Players must work together to achieve different objectives to achieve victory.

Publisher: DSC Studio22
Release Date: June 01, 2016
Pros: +Unique graphics style. +Heavy emphasis on teamwork. +Integrated tactical use of map environments.
Cons: -Limited information available.


Energy Heroes Overview

Energy Heroes is a third person shooter MOBA with comic book style graphics. It is developed and published by DSC Studio22. In Energy Heroes, players will find themselves in a universe far far away where two civilizations vie for a precious resource called Energium. The struggle leads to an epic war where players are recruited mercenaries. Energy Heroes offers a different perspective from the typical MOBA with the top-down camera angle (like Smite). Choose from ten different mercenaries from three races, each with their own unique abilities and loadout. Collect Energium during a match to upgrade buildings and structures during a battle. Utilize the map environment, using things like switches and doors. Master the controls of jumping, aiming, rolling, and sprinting to crush opponents in 3v3 PvP.

Energy Heroes Key Features:

  • Like a Comic Book – Energy Heroes features a unique take on graphics with the comic book style art.
  • Unique Mercenaries – players can choose from 9+ characters, each with special passive and active abilities as well as different weapon capabilities.
  • Third Person Shooter – experience a different outlook on MOBAs with this third-person view of your character as you run around the map.
  • Heavy Teamplay – teamwork is essential to achieve victory. Players must work together, using the strengths of their teammates to dominate the battles.
  • Use the Maps – maps have tactical environments that can be utilized for advantages in battle. Whether it be for cover, or to gather precious resouces like Energium to upgrade buildings, players must know when and where to be on the maps.

Energy Heroes Screenshots

Energy Heroes Featured Video

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Energy Heroes Review

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Energy Heroes Screenshots


Energy Heroes Videos

System Requirements

Energy Heroes System Requirements

Minimum Requirements (Windows):

Operating System: Windows 7
CPU: Core i7-930 Quad 2.80GHz / Phenom II X6 1055T
Video Card: GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870


Energy Heroes Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Energy Heroes Additional Information

Developer(s): DSC Studio22
Publisher(s): DSC Studio22

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 3

Steam Greenlight Post: June, 2015
Steam Greenlight Award Date:
July, 2015
Early Access :
June 01, 2016

Development History / Background:

Energy Heroes is a TPS MOBA developed and published by DSC Studio22. It was first posted on Valve's Steam Greenlight Community in June of 2015, and was approved the following month in July. Energy Heroes was released for Early Access through their official site on June 01, 2016. Steam Early Access was released sometime in summer, 2016. The game was canceled around 2017 with no further updates.