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Operation 7 II

Operation 7 II: Rise of Condota is an upcoming first-person shooter MMO set in the modern world, focusing on drug wars and mercenaries. Sequel to Operation 7 it offers advanced features such as weapon assembly and modification, as well as brand new PvE modes for more casual play and updated graphics.

Publisher: Park ESM
Type: Shooter MMO
Release Date: Q2 2016
PvP: Battlegrounds
Pros: +In-depth weapon assembly. +PvP and PvE game modes. +Tons of missions.
Cons: -No release date yet.

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Operation 7 II Overview

Operation 7 II: Rise of Condota is an upcoming FPS MMO developed by Park ESM, and is the sequel to the popular FPS Operation 7. Many of its features will be inherited from its predecessor, such as a huge library of real-world artillery and maps, as well as an updated version of its weapon modification system. Players in Operation 7 II will create totally customized weapons from six different gun parts, as well as attachments such as grips, tripods, lasers, and scopes. A fuller range of movement is available in II as well, offering crawling and weapon pickups whereas the previous game only had leaning, sprinting, and aiming. Operation 7 II also adds a PvE mode that allows players to work together cooperatively against AI enemies, including modes where players must defend a point or escape to a door.

Operation 7 II Key Features:

  • Weapon Assembly – build a personalized weapon with parts purchased from the game's store, allowing players to create their ultimate weapon.
  • Realistic Maps and Weapon Arsenal – visit real-world areas and take place in the fight with weapons inspired modeled after real guns.
  • Multiple PvP Modes – enter the game lobby and choose from a variety of standard FPS match types, including deathmatch and team battle on a huge array of maps.
  • New PvE Modes – play cooperatively instead of competitively in the game's new AI-controlled PvE modes, where players can team up with other players to complete objects while fighting against enemy NPCs.

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System Requirements

Operation 7 II System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows  7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz (Dual core recommended)
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT / AMD Equivalent
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB

Official system requirements have not yet been released for Operation 7 II. The requirements above our based on our experience and will be updated when official numbers become available.


Operation 7 II Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Operation 7 II Additional Information

Developer: Park ESM

Announcement Date: November 19, 2013
Release Date (Japan & South America): Q2 2016

Development History / Background:

Operation 7 II is developed by Park ESM, a Korean-based game developer who has seen success with the release of Operation 7, particularly in South America and parts of Europe. The game was announced in 2013 with a projected release date of 2015, later pushed back to Q2 2016, where it was revealed that the game's first launch country would be Japan. South America was originally intended to be the first launch area, but the developers claimed that South American PCs had not significantly improved since the release of the first game and decided that Japan would be a better first release,. Park ESM also announced a PS4 version of the game, titled Operation 7 Revolution.