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Phantom Chaser

Phantom Chaser is a mobile RPG similar to Yokai Watch with a unique twist, the "Mimic" system, allowing innovative skill combinations, resulting in countless possibilities. Recruit and master over 130 Phantoms, from both Eastern and Western mythology such as Phoenix or Baphomet.

Publisher: Glohow
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: October 19, 2017
PvP: World
Pros: +Deep Unit development system +Extensive PvE content (story/unit customization) +Stellar graphics
Cons: -Large Stamina Consumption -P2W elements -Arduous Ascension Material Grind

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Phantom Chaser Overview

Phantom Chaser is a free-to-play pseudo-3D monster collector RPG strategy game available on mobile devices. Phantom Chaser sets itself apart from the crowd via its immensely deep party composition customization system, the key feature of which is the Mimic system. The party composition system is as deep as can be, with six slots for four unit types. Have a Strength Type Tank character "Mimic" Healer skills or have a Dexterity Type Physical DPS "Mimic" Magic attacks, anything goes. The possibilities are only limited by the player's imagination.

Phantom Chaser Key Features:

  • Mimic System – This allows a character to be possessed by a Phantom, conferring special abilities to that character.
  • Auto/Manual Combat – Toggle between automatic skill and Mimic combat for farming materials, or manual combat to strategically defeat bosses.
  • Upgrade and Ascend Units – Collect materials to level up your characters and Phantoms to 100, or break their limits and ascend to level 200!
  • Strategic Party Building – Build a party to suit your playstyle. Choose between Strength Type Phantoms and Characters, built to Tank, Dexterity Types, physical DPS, Intelligence (Damage) types, magical DPS, or Intelligence (Support), healers.

Phantom Chaser Screenshots

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Phantom Chaser Review

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Phantom Chaser Screenshots


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System Requirements

Phantom Chaser System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: iPhone/iPad/iPod with iOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.1 or later


Phantom Chaser Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Information

Phantom Chaser Additional Information

Developer: Floppygames Inc.
Publisher: Glohow
Platforms: iOS, Android

Release Date (North America): November 21, 2017

Phantom Chaser was developed by Floppygames Inc., published globally, at the time of publication of this article, by Glohow. Previously known as Yokai Saga, published by Netmarble in Thailand and Korea, the game was launched worldwide via Glohow on 21 November 2017.