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Pocket Luna

Pocket Luna is a mobile MMORPG with a focus on socializing, collecting cute outfits, and completing dungeons. Marry other players, relax in a hot spring with guildmates, and defeat cute monsters in this colorful anime inspired mobile spin-off of Luna Online.

Publisher: X.D. Global
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Mobile MMORPG
Release Date (Global): Dec 12, 2018
Pros: +Social and dating focus. +Upgradeable AI companions. +Job switching. +Cute chibi art style.
Cons: -Limited character customization. -Stamina system.

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Pocket Luna Overview

Pocket Luna is a mobile MMORPG with a strong focus on socializing. Players can get married and invite others to their ceremony and even hang out guildmates at a hot spring. The game also has a guild system that encourages teamwork as players are rewarded with bonus experience and stats when completing dungeons or quests together. The core gameplay in Pocket Luna is stage based, meaning combat takes place in instanced stages which players progress through in a linear fashion. The game does have a persistent hub though where players can interact with others in an MMO like environment. There are three starting jobs to choose from: Warrior, Magician, and Assassin, and players can unlock the other two jobs after leveling up. The game features an autoplay option inside dungeons, but players can still move manually while it's active. Dungeons feature several traps, with bonuses for completing it without triggering them, so players are incentivized to manually avoid them. Players can acquire AI companions called minions to help in dungeons. Completing content like daily missions or spending premium currency gives minions spirits which can be used to summon them. Combat is typical for a mobile MMORPG; tapping on a point moves the character, tapping one of three abilities on the right uses it, and being close to an enemy will auto attack. Attacking fills up a gauge, and tapping it when full will perform the ability 'Awaken Transform', increasing stats and giving powerful QTE abilities for a short amount of time.

Pocket Luna Key Features:

  • Linear Stage Based Progression - combat takes place in instanced stages which must be completed in order.
  • Marriage - marry other players through in-game ceremonies, and attend others to purchase wedding gifts.
  • Guilds - join guilds to do activities together, like completing guild quests or relaxing in hot springs.
  • Upgradeable AI Companions - summon up to three minions at a time to assist in dungeons.
  • Ability and Element Switching - change abilities and elements before a dungeon to exploit enemy weaknesses, such as selecting water skills to beat fire based enemies.
  • Auto and Manual Combat - automatically go through dungeons with auto play, with floor traps that incentivize players to manually walk to avoid them.

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System Requirements

Pocket Luna System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.2 or later, or iOS 8.0 and later.


Pocket Luna Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Pocket Luna Additional Information

Developer: X.D. Global
Publisher: X.D. Global

Release Date (Android Closed Beta): September 6th, 2018
Release Date (Global): September 12, 2018

Development History / Background:

Pocket Luna is published by X.D. Global, a Chinese publisher also known for mobile games Azur Lane and Girls Frontline. It was released in Asia under the name Luna Mobile in 2017, and published by IPOCKET. The game is based on the 2009 PC MMORPG Luna Online. It had a closed beta on September 6th-9th, 2018 and fully released on September 12th, 2018.