Dauntless Season 3 Patch Comes With A New Behemoth And Changes To Hammer Combos

dauntless boreus behemothSlayers beware because a chilling new Behemoth is wreaking havoc in the Shattered Isles with the arrival of the latest Dauntless patch – OB 0.6.9. The Dreadfrost Boreus and his army of flying minions can now be found in the Maelstrom. Hunt down this frost-feeding Behemoth to gain access to powerful new frost gear.

dauntless boreus gear

“From the heart of the Maelstrom comes the mighty Boreus, a frost-powered Behemoth with the ability to control flying minions. These smaller flying beasts both protect the Boreus from harm and do its psionic bidding. The sudden emergence of the Boreus – once thought only a legend – is widely seen as another sign that the Behemoth threat has grown more ominous than ever.”

The patch also marks the start of the Hunt Pass Season 3. The latest season, called Overgrowth, features a greener environment with vines, creepers, and frozen trees coming back to life. Be on the lookout for Aethersprouts and Emerald Leaves among the new growth. There’s also rain showers to deal with so dress appropriately.

dauntless aethersprout overgrowth

Finally, Hammer-wielders now have access to a “monstrous” new combo finisher called Aetherslam, a revamped version of the Concussive Aether Blast. “Aetherslam is a powerful overhead strike that deals damage directly to the target and expends the entire hammer clip to create a wave of explosions that deal additional damage,” says the devs. The Concussive Aether combo has also been reworked to allow for loading of multiple shells and quicker turns and interrupts.

The update also comes with a new loading screen, quality of life changes, and other game improvements. Check out the full patch notes for more info. You can also check out the video below for an overview of the changes.