Ragnarok Mobile Gameplay First Look

Ragnarok Mobile Gameplay First Look By Omer

Ragnarok Mobile is a free to play persistent mobile MMORPG based on the Ragnarok Online franchise by Gravity/Warportal. The game is developed by a Chinese studio called Dream Square which is made up of fans of the original Ragnarok game. The company has said that they aim to create a true Ragnarok Online experience on mobile and based on what I've seen it's surprisingly good. The game features a familiar world, classes, job advancements, guild vs guild, and more. It features a persistent world similar to mobile titles like Lineage 2: Revolution and Izanagi Onlne. Fans of Ragnarok should give this one a try. It's only available in China as of this video, but no VPN or QQ Accounts or anything needed. The game's open beta began January 18, 2017.

Download the game on TapTap via an Android device.

  • Zariarn

    Do you use a Mobile Emulator whenever you make the mobile videos?

    • Nah I record on my Nvidia shield tablet. old tablet but has a nice record feature 😀 too bad it doesnt record perfect quality or 60 fps :<

      • I just got mine (K1 version). Might have to check out the record feature, Anyway yeah it's pretty good so far. I was never a big fan of the PC Client version but the AFK features makes farming and levelling less of a pain (I also think the mobile version as kill sharing).