Ragnarok Mobile Player Spends Over $5,000 on In Game Item

While Ragnarok M: Eternal Love isn't available in the West yet (launching Jan 9, 2019), it's been a huge hit in Asia. This week a user named 'TheBigBossDR' bid 30,856 Big Cat Coins (BCC), in game premium currency, to win a player auction for a Jakk Card. BCC can be acquired directly from the game's store at a ratio $1 = 6 BCC, meaning this user spent $5,142 on this single item.

The Jakk Card grants the following stats:

While the game's player auction house for cash shop currency launched just yesterday, this isn't the only card in Ragnarok M sold for extremely high prices. On the same day a Ghostring Card sold for over $6,000:

Here are the list of items sold in Auction today:

  • Smokie Card sold for 3,633 BCC to FernandoZ (EN5)
  • Eclipse Card sold for 1,429 BCC to ☆Rnova☆ (ID4)
  • Bloody Knight Card sold for 20,803 BCC to 洛雨 (PH6)
  • Jakk Card sold for 30,856 BCC to TheBigBossDR (ID15)
  • Owl Duke Card sold for 3,109 BCC to Mosst (TH42)
  • Atroce Card sold for 15,433 BCC to hunter-x (EN2)
  • Alice Card sold for 19,780 BCC to ninjaJack (TH33)
  • Wood Goblin Card sold for 8,771 BCC to No.2Meat (CN2)
  • Strouf Card sold for 19,017 BCC to •Thanatos• (TH59)
  • Ghostring Card sold for 35,875 BCC to MambaaElChap (TH41)

Besides the Jakk and Ghostring cards, standouts include the Alice Card, Atroce Card, Strouf Card, and Bloody Knight Card, all of which sold for over $2,500.

Anyone familiar with Ragnarok Online should know just how powerful and rare boss cards can be. These items drop off the toughest enemies in the game and have an extremely low chance of dropping (0.01% for Ragnarok Online). Typically any monster can drop a card including weaker enemies, but only some cards, usually boss cards, are the most highly sought after. And yes, the boss cards have the same low chance of dropping as anything else, 0.01%.

Interestingly, the game's regular auction house (called exchange) is weirdly designed in that there's a maximum price items can sell for, so if there are 100+ players willing to pay that maximum price, a random player wins the auction.

In the image above only 2 players out of the 162 buyers will win the Eclipse Card which is up for sale. Perhaps they went with this awkward system to encourage players to bid on rare cards through the premium currency auction house system instead, as it's the only way to easily snag these powerful cards.

While players can clearly pay for power in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, at least they're purchasing these super powerful cards from other players rather than the developer directly.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love should be launching in English on January 9, 2019.