Hugely Successful Ragnarok Mobile Is Going Global (In English)

Gravity inked a deal with Ragnarok Mobile developer Shanghai Dream Network Technology to launch the game worldwide. Shanghai Dream is a Chinese gaming company that licensed the Ragnarok Online franchise from Gravity then made a mobile version of it and it looks like Gravity is turning around and licensing it to bring the game to players outside of China.

Gravity announced plans to first release the game in Taiwan and Hong Kong sometime this year, followed by South Korea and Southeast Asia. While no Western release has yet to be confirmed, a Southeast Asian version means it'll be available in English. The Chinese version of the game remains quite popular and will be gettin ga bit update called Episode 2.0 which adds new areas and 2 new classes (monk / Crusaders), as well as a new pet system.

Those who want to play Ragnarok Mobile right now can do so, but the game is naively in Chinese. There is an unofficial English patch though.

Source: 2P