Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 4.2 Mini-Site Updated Once More, with Glamours, PvP

With the next Letter from the Producer LIVE coming up in just over a week, Final Fantasy XIV has once again updated their Patch 4.2 mini-site. This time, the information brought to us involves the new Feast PvP map, new Beast Tribe Quests, the Glamour Dresser, and "Additional Updates" - Subaquatic Voyages. Though already well-known information, the Feast has been re-vamped, with [...]

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FFXIV's Next Live Letter, Part XLI, Set for January 19th, feat. More Patch 4.2 Content

The most recent FFXIV Letter from the Producer LIVE, Live Letter #40, acted as a "Part 1 Preview" of the upcoming patch for Final Fantasy XIV, Patch 4.2. We received new details about the upcoming "Jade Stoa" series of battles, the dungeons, glamour system, and inventory expansion. However, there was a distinct lack of actual in-battle preview. Now, Live Letter [...]

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