The Official PAX West 2016 Roundup


PAX West 2016 has come and gone, which means that it’s time for a roundup. The event started last Friday and ended on Monday. Here’s all of the MMO-related news that was announced over the course of the event.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The first The Elder Scrolls: Legends tournament was held at PAX West. It was livestreamed on Twitch.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s One Tamriel patch went live on the Public Test Server. The most notable change in the update is that content will no longer be gated by level. Like the rest of the series, players will be able to go anywhere and do anything from the moment they leave the tutorial. Player characters will automatically be scaled to match the content they are playing through. The patch will go live on the

Bethesda also streamed the game throughout PAX West. You can find one of the streams embedded above.

Fractured Space

Edge Case Games announced that Fractured Space will be leaving Early Access sometime in the near future. The new label will simply be “Beta.” Beta will include the ability to queue for matchmaking as a group of two or five and the ability to play custom games with upwards of nine friends. Both the core game mode and Frontline will introduce “full drafting,” allowing players to react to the other team’s ship choices. An improved UI, the return of the carrier class ship the Icarus, the introduction of the Paragon, a spectator mode, death screens, a “flypast” for the winning team, and AI Captains that replace players that disconnect from matches will also be included in the Beta update.

Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet announced that the second episode of the third season of Guild Wars 2’s Living World would be launching on September 20th. It will feature a story in which the dragon Primordus awakens and players must check on Taimi, who has gone to assess the situation. A whole new zone called The Ember Bay, a new Mastery called Thermal Propulsion, daily repeatable Heart quests, and a new 5v5 “conquest style” PvP map called The Eternal Coliseum will also be included.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare

Torn Banner Studios showed off footage of Mirage: Arcane Warfare for the first time. The game features several classes, represented by characters, that have three ability slots, each of which has its own set of abilities that players can choose to include in their loadouts. Also included are bright, colorful environments and a familiar-but-different combat system.

World of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard announced and subsequently launched a companion app for World of Warcraft: Legion. The app allows players to manage their order halls by means of upgrading them, recruiting more units, and sending those units out on missions. Rewards obtained from successful missions are conveniently deposited into your inventory automatically.

This year’s PAX West wasn’t the most eventful in terms of MMO announcements, but the announcements that were made are rather significant. One game is leaving Beta and another is completely restructuring the way players progress through it. At the very least, the event seems to signal a bright future for the games involved.

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