The Halloween Event Guide 2016 Edition


There are dozens of games hosting Halloween events this year, but which ones are actually worth doing? Our event guide can help you decide which of your games you will be spending time in this Halloween. Simply hit "Jump" next to any of the games listed and you will automatically be sent to the game's entry in the list. Happy Halloween!

AdventureQuest 3D

For the first Halloween after its release, AdventureQuest 3D will be observing the time-honored AdventureQuest tradition of celebrating Mogloween. The event sees darkness fall upon the town of Battleon, with a trail of jack-o-lanterns lighting the path to a new haunted house. Ghostly monsters are attacking the game world. The first set of season gear is obtainable through crafting or quests. Moreover, the event's "most iconic and epic armor set," Pumpkin Lord, can only be obtained by crafting it; you cannot purchase it using the game's premium currency.

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Alliance of Valiant Arms

For its first Halloween with En Masse Entertainment as its publisher, Alliance of Valiant Arms is bringing back the Halloween-themed version of the sniper map, Gallery, and the Hide and Seek mode. The ARX-160 Jack-O-Lantern Assault rifle is also making a return via the daily capsule.

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Alteil: Horizons

Apocoplay appears to know what it's doing, as Alteil: Horizons launched with active Halloween events. For the weekend of the October 28th to October 30th only, players who participate in upwards of ten battles can earn varying amounts of point cards, as well as Halloween editions of Samurai Girl, Devouring Lizard, and Knight of Frailty/Etoile.

A special Halloween-themed DLC pack is also available now. It contains the following: four packs that each contain a pre-built file, 500 gran, 10 point cards, six months of premium status, and an FM drafting ticket; seven cards with alternate Halloween-themed art; an additional pack containing 500 gran, five point cards, three months of premium status, and and FM drafting ticket; and a bonus avatar that you can show off.

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From now until November 9th, Hallowtide has returned to Erenor. Erenor's festival laws have been enacted and PvP has been banned, barring guild conflicts. By honoring the dead in Two Crowns or hunting for candy in Solis Headlands, players can earn Hallowtide Festival Tokens. These tokens can be traded in for Halloween-themed housing items, a "Massive Jack-o'-Hattern Plushie," Adventurer's Rainbow PumpkinTaffy, or Windwraith's Pipes (Organ). Completing the event quests five times or more will unlock "special, limited time achievements." Earning all of the Hallowtide achievements will unlock the "Candy-fueled Bestcargot" mount.

Additionally, several new Hallowtide-exclusive items have been made available in the game's cash shop. Some of last year's items are returning at a discount, as well.

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ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK's Fear Evolved event has returned. From now until November 6th, Skelesaurs, Zombie Dodos, and Dodo-Rexes will roam the game world, which has turned into a haunted forest. Days have turned shorter, nights have turned longer, the landscape has darkened, and the moon has turned red. Graves, pumpkin patches, and scarecrows are scattered across the land. Those who dare to roam the land during the event will have a chance to obtain Clown Masks, Dodo-Rex helmets, witch hats, and various other loot drops. Just be sure not to let yourself be caught by the DodoWyvern or VampireEyes.

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Atlas Reactor

From now until November 8th, the Holo Haunt is on in Atlas Reactor. During the Holo Haunt, players will be given a chance to obtain exclusive Halloween-themed Holo Haunt skins for various Freelancers. There are three ways to obtain these limited time skins: "non-dupe" Holo Haunt Loot Matrices that ensure you get a skin you don't own can be obtained from a repeatable event mission, normal Holo Haunt Loot Matrices can be purchased with real money, and, starting November 1st, the skins can be unlocked directly with ISO.

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In celebration of Halloween, Battlerite has added a Halloween-themed arena called Blackstone Arena. New Halloween Chests can be obtained, each of which is guaranteed to have at least one Epic Halloween item.

As an added bonus, the Ultimate Fan Pack now includes a Battle Wolf mount, which I suppose gives it a tinge of Halloween cheer.

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Black Desert Online

From now until November 9th, Black Desert Online is celebrating Halloween with an assortment of event quests. A set of limited time Black Spirit quests will award players various Halloween-themed cosmetics upon completion. Additional daily quests will award players Halloween Cookies and Halloween Candy Baskets.

For those that would rather just buy a set of Halloween items and be done with it, a Halloween Item Bundle is available for $45 for a limited time.

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Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is running an event called Blade and Ghoul in honor of All Hallow's Eve. From now until November 16th, an assortment of daily quests is available, awarding players that complete them Pumpkin Spice Candies. These candies can then be transmuted into Jack O' Lanterns at a 5:1 ratio. Jack O' Lanterns can then be traded in for various items, some of which are Halloween-themed.

During the transmutation process, there is also a small chance that Chilling Chests will be obtained. These chests contain consumables and a chance at the Spellcaster Costume or Bewitched Hat.

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Bless (KR)

While it has still yet to be released in the West, the Korean version of Bless is running an interesting Halloween event. From now until November 15th, various bosses in various dungeons will have pumpkins on their heads. Defeating these bosses will grant players either one of several Pumpkin Head cosmetics or the materials to make one of said cosmetics.

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From now until November 7th, the Hulker Hell event is live in Defiance. During the event, special Arkfalls will occur around the New Frontier, bringing with them a chance to obtain new weapons and mods. Halloween Contracts and Instances are available during the event; a Halloween pursuit will award players that complete it the Legacy Hacker Outfit.

Additionally, a "Torque or Treat" Vanity Bundle is available in the store, as well as the 2015 Triple Costume Pack, which is back for a limited time.

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From now until November 2nd, the Festival of the Damned has returned to the world of Devilian. During the festival, when players kill mobs within five levels of their characters, there's a chance that the mobs will drop "special festival candy." Dungeon bosses, however, are guaranteed to drop candy. Once a player has collected enough candy, they can visit Justina in Asperon to trade it in for prizes such as a Pumpkin Head, a Witch's Broom, and more.

Players that log in with a character of level 56 or higher each day will be granted 1 Kavel's Tear per day.

All Animal Costumes and Pet Cores are 50% off during the event, in addition to a buy 1, get 1 free Enigma Keys deal that will be available until November 1st as part of the Treat Yo' Self event.

The Treat Yo' Self event also includes an increased gem drop rate on Blue and Purple Enigma Boxes, as well as the chance for either type of Enigma Box to drop 1000 gems at once and the chance to obtain flowers and cores from level 57 Heroic and Hell Mode Dungeon Roulettes.

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The Elder Scrolls Online

From now until November 1st, The Elder Scrolls Online is holding the Witches Festival. During the Festival, players can obtain a Crow Caller for free from the Crown Store. Using the Crow Caller will begin the event quest, The Witchmother's Bargain. Completing the quest will award you The Witchmother's Whistle, which can be used to summon The Witchmother's Cauldron. The Cauldron will turn you and your group into Undead for two hours; the Cauldron can, however, be used as many times as you would like until November 1st.

If you kill a boss while you are Undead, there is a chance that it will drop a Plunder Skull. Opening Plunder Skulls will give players a chance at various Witches Festival event items, such as masks, "special holiday Provisioning recipes," the "Hollowjack crafting motif," and more.

The Witchmother's Whistle will remain in your possession after the festival ends, but it will no longer summon The Witchmother's Cauldron.

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Elsword is doing something a bit different for Halloween this year. Its players can celebrate Halloween by taking on the Spooky Zombie Night Dungeon, which is referred to as "the 2016 Halloween Dance Party Dungeon." Once players reach the end of the dungeon, they must face off against the "zombified dab-master" Dancing King Mike. Players must defeat Dancing King Mike by outplaying him in a rhythm game-styled mini-game.

Additionally, eleven new player-designed costumes, pulled from the Halloween Costume Design Contest, are available. There is one new costume per character.

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Final Fantasy XIV

The Continental Circus has returned to Eorzea for All Saints' Wake. An Adventurers' Guild Investigator is looking for an assistant to help prevent the Circus' mischief from becoming mayhem. Help him and you may receive various Halloween-themed event items.

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Fractured Space

Fractured Space players who play a single match between now and November 3rd will be awarded a phantom crew member, Repair Specialist Ridley J Fincher.

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Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy has updated its gacha with Halloween versions of several characters.

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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2's Shadow of the Mad King festival is back, bringing with it a "devilish boss encounter" against King Oswald Thorn in the Mad King's Lair, the Mad King's Labyrinth, the Mad King's Clock Tower jumping puzzle, various Lion's Arch festivities, and a variety of new Halloween-themed items, such as weapon skins and miniatures.

The Gem Store has also been updated with new Halloween-themed items, such as the Ghostly Outfit, Hovering Mad Mirror Travel Toy, Bloodstone Glider, and more.

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League of Legends

From now until November 3rd, League of Legends players can take part in The Teemoing. Players that "sacrifice minions to the dark yordle" by the end of the event will earn the Doomed Minion icon.

From now until October 31st, players will also be able to take part in the Doom Bots of Doom  event, which is a mode in which you fight the Doom Bots of Doom, overcome their curses, and defeat the "sinister overlord behind it all."

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Lineage (KR)

NCSoft's long-running subscription MMORPG Lineage is running a Trick or Treat event this Halloween. From now until November 2nd, characters of level 55 or higher can obtain special event items by going to the "Witches' Playground" and defeating the monsters that reside within. There is a catch, though. Each player is only allowed to spend 40 minutes per day in the Witches' Playground.

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MapleStory 2 (KR)

From now until November 10th, MapleStory 2 is running two Halloween events. The first event is a simple daily attendance check in event. The second event gives players a quest to find pumpkins. Upon turning the quest in, the player will be given several rewards, one of which is a box that contains a piece of Halloween-themed furniture that the player chooses from a set of five.

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Monster Super League

Monster Super League has introduced an assortment of Halloween-themed Astromon. The Jack O' Little Series—"Jack O’ Lantie, Jack O’ Little, and Jack O’ Lyn"—can only be captured "during gameplay" between now and November 3rd. Additional Astromon, such as Nightmare, Nosferatu, Vampire, Vampire Hunter, and Van Helsing, were recently introduced as permanent additions to the game. One of the new Halloween-themed Astromon is said to be a 5-star Astromon.

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From now until November 2nd, Neverwinter players can take part in the Masquerade of Liars Festival. During the event, they can take on daily quests that reward them with Masquerade Tokens, items necessary for refining the new Illusionist's Mask, and Beholder Piñatas.

Once collected, Masquerade Tokens can be traded in for an assortment of Halloween-themed gear or transformation potions.

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Between now and November 1st, Overwatch's in-game Loot Boxes have been replaced with "special glowing jack-o'-lanterns" that contain over 100 new cosmetics as a part of the Halloween Terror event. Each Loot Box is guaranteed to have at least one Halloween 2016 item.

The game's first co-op PvE brawl, Junkenstein's Revenge, also with live with the event. Ana, Hanzo, McCree, and Soldier: 76 work together to defend Aldersbrunn castle from Dr. Junkensein and his monster.

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Oz: Broken Kingdom

Oz: Broken Kingdom's October Festive update has brought with it a Halloween-themed playable hero named Jack Pumpkinhead. The fifth playable hero to be made available, Jack has 20 new abilities, one of which is the game's first Legendary ability. Jack can be obtained by trying your luck with a Jack Coin or collecting the required amount of Prisms from the new Rainbow Road mode.

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Paladins' Halloween celebrations are fairly modest. A new Epic Bomb King Skin, known as Pumpking, has been made available for 650 Crystals for a limited time as part of the latest patch. Grover's new Autumn Skin could also count as festive.

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Pokémon GO

Niantic has increased encounter rates for spooky Pokémon and doubled Candy gains in Pokémon GO from now until November 1st.

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Project Genom

The Ark in Project Genom is decorated for Halloween and there will be "some game bonuses and gifts" in "open spaces of the Ark" by the time Halloween itself arrives.

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Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus has several Halloween events planned. The Giant Pumpkin Hunt tasks players with scouring the world for giant pumpkins, which will grant them rewards if they are taken down. The Mysterious Headless Knight hangs out in the dungeons of Hakanas; players will have a chance to obtain his mount or defeat him for "spooktacular" rewards." The Pumpkin Candy Chase will have players collecting candy dropped by mobs in order to exchange them for rewards.

Additionally, 11 packs of October Lucky Boxes are 10% off until November 2nd.

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The Secret World

The Rider, Samhain, has returned to the world of The Secret World, bringing with him "invasions on a global scale." Players must combine their efforts in order to "decipher his clues and uncover his true intentions."

Hallow's Eve Festival Sacks and Parcels of Eerie Attire are now available in the item store. Each contains a chance to obtain Corvus Garb, magnifying spectacles, skeletal formal wear, and "other netherworldly attire."

Additionally, the game is currently on sale on Steam. Both versions are 70% off, bringing the standard edition down to $8.99 and the Ultimate Edition down to $17.99.

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From now until November 11th, Aelion will play host to the Evil Pumpkin Festival. Every day from 12 AM to 1 PM PDT and 6 PM to 10 PM PDT, a broom that you can ride and a large number of pumpkins will appear in the city park. The moment the broom spawns, all players in the park are notified and they must find it and stay on it as long as they can. Those who don't get the broom can grab pumpkins from around the park and throw them at the player riding the broom, knocking them off if they land a hit. Players receive 25 pieces of candy for every five seconds that they remain on the broom and they complete a daily quest if they manage to stay on the broom for more than a minute.

Players will also be tasked with finding and defeating candy bandits that are scattered around Aelion. Doing so will earn them not only candy, but pieces of a map that leads to a treasure that is hidden in the city park. Successfully completing the map and finding the treasure will give players a chance at various Halloween-themed cosmetics or an Epic Adept named "Apathius the Gloomy."

The candy that you earn can be used to buy Halloween-themed items in the Events tab.

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From now until November 2nd, a new Halloween Challenge will be unlocked in Spellweaver each day. A new DLC Deck, "Duke's Zombies," was intended to be released on October 28th, but it has yet to be released.

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From now until November 1st, a series of invasions is happening in TERA as part of the Night of the Mandragora event. Every day at varying times, spooky creatures will appear in Freeholds and Seeliewood. While most of them will be regular mobs, "a few surprise bosses" will spawn during invasions. The regular mobs will drop Mandragora tokens that can be exchanged for various items at "a temporary shop," whereas bosses will drop Mandrakuryon Madness boxes, which contain "costumes and must-have accessories."

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Tree of Savior

From now until November 22nd, Tree of Savior players with characters that are level 70 or higher can play through a mission to defeat demon bosses twice a day—three times a day if you're a Token user—as part of the Pumpkin and Cubes: A Halloween Demon Hunt event. Upon completing the mission, players will receive a Halloween Cube and a Pumpkin Candy. The former will grant the player that uses it "one random item drop," whereas the latter will increase all of your character's stats by five for 30 minutes. Completing three missions will net players a Jack-O-Lantern Hair Ornament, whereas completing 30 missions will get them a Superior Gem Abrasive.

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War Thunder

From now until November 2nd, War Thunder will be hosting a number of "special racing events" as a part of its Halloween festivities. Pilots will race using the "the infamous soviet night bomber, the Polikarpov Po-2 of the ‘Night Witches’ squadron" while tankers will race using "an enchanted M18 Hellcat tank, operating without a commander or crew." Those that win are awarded "unique decorative items," like pumpkins and witches hats, that can be equipped to their vehicles.

Additionally, vehicles, premium accounts, modifications and more will be on sale on November 1st and 2nd as part of War Thunder's fourth anniversary celebration.

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From now until November 1 at 2 PM ET, players can check out Warframe’s Hallowed Nightmare Tactical Alert event. Just log into the event website and awaken the Jack O’Naut. Once the Jack O’Naut has been awakened, players can then log into Warframe and challenge the Jack O’Naut head on. There is also a Double Affinity Weekend running from now until October 31 at 2 PM ET.

Additionally, Day of the Dead skins and glyphs are available in the Market until November 10 at 2 PM ET, along with a Dullahan mask and Halloween Color Picker that are just one credit each.

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Wild Terra

In the world of Wild Terra, pumpkins are growing at an astounding rate and Unholy Trees are appearing across the land. Harvest pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns and hang them on Unholy Trees to summon witches. Defeat the witches to receive rare Unholy Leather, which is used to craft unique clothing. Seeds of Home Unholy Tree will be given to those that defeat an exceptionally large number of witches.

Additionally, Early Access packs are up to 75% off during the Halloween season.

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Winning Putt

From now until November 3, Winning Putt Square will be seasonally decorated and remain in constant darkness. On Saturday, Sunday, and Halloween itself, players can earn special goody bags containing themed prizes. The prizes include a costume box (male), a costume box (female), special Halloween-themed clubs, Halloween candy, and Halloween golf balls. Players can earn up to seven goody bags during the event. Additional goody bags can be purchased in the store for 750 Platinum. Items found in goody bags, regardless of whether they are bought or earned, will be tradeable.

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World of Tanks (Consoles)

From now until Halloween, players can take the fight to a creepy version of Himmelsdorf called Dead City. Choose between the Spectre tank and "awakened" monster versions of the Revenant Kraft’s Panther, Lycan T71, Gorynch KV-5, and Kaiju O-1. Fight in two new PvE modes: "Beware the Full Moon" on Himmelsdorf Night and "Hunt the Revenants" on Theipval Ridge.

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World of Tanks Blitz

From October 10 to November 7, World of Tanks Blitz wants players to choose a side in the war between the forces of Light and Dark. Choose your faction and take to the battlefield in one of two ghastly Premium vehicles. Those who fight on the side of the Light will be able to use the Helsing H0 Premium Tier VII tank destroyer, a tank that features a double-barreled gun with sufficient power to banish darkness, whereas, for those who prefer to walk in the shadows, the T6 Dracula Premium Tier VII medium tank, with its two second track repair time, will allow for a swift victory.

Choose your vehicle and take the fight to a special Halloween-themed map to earn Tokens of Light and Seals of Darkness. Event currency can be used to gain access to more mission stages. Conquer the final stage to win the Premium tank that lead you to victory and three days of Premium Account time. Complete all fifteen missions and both tanks shall be your prize.

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World of Warcraft

From now until October 31st, World of Warcraft players can take part in an assortment of Hallow's End festivities. Players can either light their faction's Wickerman—located in Stormwind and Undercity—or head to the other faction's city and put their Wickerman out. They can ensure that orphans visiting the Wickerman celebrations have a Hallow's End that they "won’t soon forget." Should they feel so inclined, players can have Crones and Hags drop stink bombs on the other factions town—or they can help clean up the aftermath of someone dropping stink bombs on their town. They can scour capital cities around Azeroth "and beyond" for orange candy buckets, which, when searched, provide Tricky Treats—and occasionally a trick. These Tricky Treats can be exchanged for Halloween themed items in either Stormwind or Undercity.

Additionally, the Headless Horseman can be found when "higher-level players" queue using the Dungeon Finder. Defeating him will give the players that slay him a chance at "macabre prizes."

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World of Warships

From now until November 9, the Saving Transylvania mode allows players to take on zombie Zikasas during an escort mission through foggy seas in one of three warships. Complete limited time Halloween quests to earn Credits and Experience.

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