Taichi Panda


Taichi Panda is a mobile 3D action RPG developed by Snail Games. Players pick one of four character classes to hack-and-slash through dungeons and acquire loot and experience to power up along the way. Publisher: Snail Games Playerbase: Medium Type: 3D RPG Release Date: July 8, 2014 Pros: +Fluid gameplay. +Autoplay and Autoloot. +Pets. +Various PvP game modes. Cons: -Server lag. -Repetitive grind for gear [...]

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Taichi Panda's Overlord Update Now Live

Snail Games announced in a press release today that their flagship mobile dungeon crawler, Taichi Panda, has received a major update that they're calling the "Overlord Update." This update is the fourth major update to make its way to the game's live servers since launch in March. This new update introduces mounted combat with three new mounts. These mounts can [...]

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Taichi Panda To Receive "Overlord" Update

Hack-and-Slash Mobile MMORPG, Taichi Panda, has announced that iOS/Android game will be receiving a new content update titled— Overlord. The update has revealed two new pets— Jib Jab and Master Shoo.  Jib Jab is a goblin-esque pet that wields a bamboo shield and a cutlass. He is a support type pet with a balance of offense and defense with a [...]

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