A Class-Action Lawsuit Has Officially Been Filed Against Chronicles Of Elyria Developer Soulbound Studios

chronicles of elyria window thief bannerHere’s the latest update in the Chronicles of Elyria class-action lawsuit. According to the lawsuit’s Discord channel, a complaint has officially been filed in the Central District Court of California against developer Soulbound Studios and third-party payment processing company Xsolla seeking damages for alleged breach of contract, violation of the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, and unfair competition.

“All persons in the world who purchased downloadable content for Chronicles of Elyria from Soulbound Studios and Xsolla within the last four (4) years, requested a refund where no game content had been delivered, and did not receive a refund,” reads the legal documentation.

The members of the class action suit also state that they will be moving forward with the lawsuit regardless of the current state of the game. “This will likely get us access to a lot more behind the scenes information about the true status of the game,” they said.

As for the game itself, Soulbound Studios CEO and Founder Jeromy Walsh released another update video last month where he talked about the game’s current state as well as layoffs, COVID-19, and other factors that affected and continue to affect the game’s development. You can check that out below.

Inside Chronicles of Elyria - Episode 2

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