Allods Online Update 8.0.1 "Creation" To Go Live On May 23rd announced earlier this week that Allods Online Update 8.0.1 "Creation" and the new, as-yet unnamed free-to-play server will be going live on May 23rd. The announcement brought with it some new details about the expansion, including its storyline and information about Artifacts.

The story of this update is as follows.

Mutinous keeper Kyros perished, and since his death Sarnaut has had a relatively peaceful time. No military conflicts on Allods, no obvious threat hanging over the world. What do adventure seekers do now? Upgrade their skills and expand their horizons, of course!

There’s also a perfect opportunity for that: the Aoidoi celebrate the birth of a new Dominus and invite the strongest heroes of the League and the Empire to participate in a grand athletic competition! Join chariot races, descend into the Minotaur's Labyrinth, and fight in the gladiator games!

Artifacts are special gear that can be unlocked by completing various tasks, but must be crafted once they are unlocked. They each have five upgrade levels, each level offering new bonuses. The first Artifact is called the "Freedom Mirror" and is unlocked by first obtaining "at least two of the required fabled equipment items." Artifacts, unlike legendary properties before them, "will stay effective during the whole year."

The update will also include a new Maze rating system for those who own Mazes. A new Order trial will also be introduced, as will the ability to "join Skirmishes together with your friends."

More information about the expansion is set to be unveiled in the time leading up to release. More information about equipment, primarily Artifacts, has already been unveiled and can be found here.