Allods Online's Latest Update Promises Immortality


While it may have fallen into obscurity in the West, Allods Online is still doing quite well in Russia. So well, in fact, that it is still being updated with major expansions regularly. The latest of those major expansions, 8.0: Immortality, made it to the game's Western service today.

We've talked a bit about the update in the past, but the core features are as follows.

  • A new set of Astral Allods that can be explored starting at level 23.
  • A new race, the Aedos, that comes with the pre-requisites of having a character at level 70 already and having a reincarnation available.
  • A set of three "Orders," organizations that players can join for additional daily tasks and rewards.
  • A whole new storyline that delves into the origin of the Orders and more.

You can find the full set of patch notes here.

Those who are interested can download the game via Steam or the official website—both versions require that you play the game through the Game Center. For the time being, 8.0: Immortality Collector's Editions are still available for those that would like a few exclusive cosmetics and some additional items at a reasonable price.