Antraxx Is A "Massively Multiplayer Isometric Mech Shooter"


Do you like mechs? Do you like awesome pixel art? How about MMOs in which you fight battles that determine who owns territory, similar to games like Heroes and Generals or Planetside? If so, then perhaps Antraxx is worth a look. Antraxx is a "massively multiplayer isometric mech shooter" in which you customize a mech and take it out onto the battlefield, to fight over land for your faction.

Antraxx's creators, Sam Hellawell and Leendert Oomen, have taken to Kickstarter to raise the $33,700 that they will need to complete the game. As of this writing, they have raised $1061 of that goal.

Unlike most Kickstarter projects, however, you can play Antraxx right now—but only in Google Chrome for the time being. The most recent update to the demo version added the "mechbay" where players customize their mechs. The ability to fight over land will be added sometime "within the next 10 days." A downloadable version of the game is also on its way.

You can find more information on the official website. The game is also on Greenlight, should you want to give it an upvote!