Apple Points To Microsoft And Nintendo As Competition To Counter Epic Games’ Anti-Trust Lawsuit

epic games apple bannerThe start of the Epic Games vs. Apple trial is just a month away and both companies are using what little time is left to throw a few more jabs at each other before the main event. According to Reuters, both companies have filed their opposing position statements with the California District Court last Thursday in preparation for the upcoming federal trial on May 3.

Epic’s statement maintained that Apple is monopolizing the app market by forcing developers to distribute their software to iPhone users exclusively through the App Store, which makes them subject to Apple’s 15%-30% cut on in-app purchases.

Apple, on the other hand, argued that the anti-trust allegations are false and that the company has in fact plenty of competition when the broader market of video game transactions is taken into account, Microsoft and Nintendo among them. They added that consumers have several choices on how they can pay for in-app purchases, including buying virtual tokens on Windows PC and using the tokens on iPhones or iPads with absolutely no fees to the developer.

It’s now up to Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers to rule on the merits of Apple’s argument.

For those who are new to the case, the clash between Epic Games and Apple began last year when Epic Games introduced a direct payment in an attempt to circumvent Apple’s commissions on in-app purchases. Apple responded by pulling Fortnite from the App Store which allowed Epic to file an anti-trust lawsuit against the tech giant for alleged anti-competitive and monopolistic practices.

We’ll keep you posted as the legal battle unfolds.