ArcheAge Unchained Temporarily Brings Back Diligence Coin Compensation Packages

archeage homecoming warriorJust when we thought that the ArcheAge Unchained ArchePass drama was over another issue pops up out of nowhere. Don’t worry, the ArchePass system itself is fixed, it’s the compensation that players are having trouble with.

Apparently, a number of ineligible players were able to claim the Diligence Coin Compensation Package while some eligible players incorrectly flagged as ineligible. Some players were even able to claim multiple packages. In light of this, XLGames has decided to temporarily bring back the package to give eligible players a chance to claim their compensation.

“We're adding the original ArchePass Diligence Coin Compensation Pack to be available again. This was originally from the week of November 1st, 2019, and includes the 45 Diligence Coins and 7 Labor Rechargers.

Previously this claimable pack was available for a very short time frame as we identified issues related to some eligible accounts not receiving the items or other accounts receiving multiple claims of the items. If you already claimed this pack when it was first available, you will not be eligible to claim it again.”

Of course, nothing’s exactly stopping you from trying is there? Head over to the ArcheAge Unchained official forums for more details.