Astellia Relaunching as a Play 2 Earn Blockchain MMORPG "Astel of Atra" and Will Have NFTs

Astellia, the failed MMORPG from Studio 8 & Barunson Games, has found new life as a play 2 earn blockchain MMORPG named 'Astel of Atra' or 'AoA' for short. The game uses its own governance token called Gelixir (GXR) which is based on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain.

Like other play to earn blockchain MMORPGs (Mir 4 comes to mind), Astel of Atra will have multiple in-game currencies and cryptocurrencies, which can make the entire system a bit convaluted.

Players can 'earn' Chander simply by playing Astel of Atra. Keep in mind though, you'll need to own an NFT Astel to actually obtain Chander. Chander is exchangeable for AoA-C and AoA which can be further exchanged for Gelixir which ultimately can be converted to traditional Crypto like Polygon, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Again, this is all extremely convaluted and it seems to be designed this way to obfuscate the economics behind the 'play to earn' mechanics.

Pets in the game, called Astels, will be NFTable, meaning they can be turned into NFTs and traded on the game's marketplace for cryptocurrency. Owning an NFT is crucial to progressing on Astel of Atra as certain areas in the game are only available to players who own these NFTs and earning Chander is also locked behind NFT ownership. The bottom line here is that while the game is free to play, the only way to get an NFT is to purchase it from the game's cash shop or from another player on the marketplace.

Just to emphasize just how convaluted the 'economics' of this NFT game is take a look at the flow chart explaining the ecosystem's flow:

While many gamers reasonably disdain games with NFT elements, its neat to see dead MMORPGs relaunching thanks to the hype behind blockchain games.

Astel of Atra Roadmap:

Astel of Atra Gameplay Video:

[Astel of Atra] In-game Dungeon preview

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