Bless Online Out Of Early Access And Is Now Free-To-Play On Steam

bless online steam f2p launchBless Online has been through a rollercoaster journey over the past few years. Aeria Games, along with Gamigo, initially signed a deal with Neowiz in April 2016 to port and publish the game for the western market. Neowiz later took back the reins when Aeria Games backed out of the deal in 2017 promising to release the game into Early Access by May 2018. The fantasy MMORPG has finally transitioned out of Early Access and into Open Beta on Steam. And the icing on the cake? It’s now free-to-play!

“The day is finally here: Bless Online is officially released on Steam! As the game is leaving Early Access, Founder’s Packs are no longer available for purchase. However, to commemorate launch, we have several new DLC packs for you! Inside the Novice, Warlord, and Legendary Warlord Packs you will find incredible items to help you embark on your journey through the newly released Bless!”

Neowiz has been hard at work polishing the game and squashing bugs as they came up during Early Access. Neowiz Bless Studio CEO Kiwon says that this is only the beginning for the long-awaited MMORPG. “We’re thrilled to finally launch Bless Online on Steam. This is only the beginning for the game’s life here in the West, and we can’t wait to share our plans for the future in the coming weeks.”

Aside from the game’s Steam debut, the developers have also released a patch that kicks off the in-game Halloween festivities, and raises the level cap to 50. Players can also look forward to new raids and new raids in the near future.

Check out the new Steam release trailer below, or head over to the Bless Online Steam community page to learn more.