Blueside Announces Not One, But Three Kingdom Under Fire Mobile Games

As Kingdom Under Fire 2 is "the most expensive Korean MMO ever created" and part of a franchise that began 16 years ago with the release of Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes, it's unsurprising that Blueside would want to do as much as they can with the franchise in the time leading up to the game's release. According to MMOCulture, the company announced not one, but three Kingdom Under Fire mobile games at a recent media conference.

Very few details about these games have been announced as of yet, but here's what we do know.

The game on the left is tentatively titled "Kingdom Under Fire: Concept." It is a turn-based RPG with card game elements. It features a hybrid combat system that is both action-based and card-based, as well as "a combination of heroes and troops." Both raids and PvP modes will be available.

The game in the center is tentatively titled "Kingdom Under Fire: Ghost." It is a real-time RPG that makes use of a party of characters. It features "story-based character recruitment" and a "console-style campaign story." In general, Blueside seems to be aiming for a level of quality that can compete with console games with Kingdom Under Fire: Ghost.

The game on the right is tentatively titled "Kingdom Under Fire: Warlord." It is a "massive real-time strategy war game" that features quests, thousands of units, city customization, and more.

Blueside also announced the following information.

  • The Chinese version of Kingdom Under Fire 2 will be launching in May.
  • Blueside Engine 3.0 is currently expected to be complete in June. Blueside has boasted that it is "more powerful than Unreal Engine 4."
  • Blueside has nine subsidiaries.
  • Blueside purchased Sambon Precision & Electronics Co. Ltd., which is a Korean "manufacturer of sound devices and keypads." Blueside will be leveraging the company's resources to make "VR equipment."
  • Blueside Spain is currently developing an in-house VR engine.

No further details about the previously-announced Western release have been revealed as of yet.