Brave Frontier Launches Christmas Update With Multiple Events


Brave Frontier's Winter update has arrived. With the launch of this update, several events have been announced. Beginning December 23rd, a brand new holiday-themed character, the Christmas Heroine Zeruiah, will be available for summoning from the "time-limited Frost Summon Gate." Zeruiah is "an Eternal Preserver of all the treasures and knowledge of the Vale in the North [...] summoned into being at the behest of the magical fae to rule over and protect the land."

A Christmas-themed dungeon will be made available from December 24th to December 31st. This dungeon, called Glittering Wintertide, will feature Zeruiah as the end boss. Rewards will include drops required to create the sphere upgrade Frozen Fantasy. The Winter Glades Blitz dungeon will be made available again at the same time.

Several smaller events will be held alongside the Christmas dungeon. Daily login rewards are live from December 15th to January 4th. In-game holiday bundles will be available from December 24th to 26th. Holiday-themed main menu decorations will be shown from December 15th to December 31st.

Additionally, several content updates have been introduced. Grybe, Logan, Luly, and Vishra now have 7-Star evolutions. New Frontier Hunter ranks and rewards are available. New, "special Elgif-filled dungeons" have also been added.