Chronicles Of Elyria Moves Closer To Alpha Release

chronicles of elyria forgeThe latest Chronicles of Elyria monthly newsletter is out and it talks about what the devs have been up to for the month of October. First and foremost on the list is Soulbound Studios’ efforts to transition the fantasy MMORPG from Pre-Alpha to Alpha.

“Phew! Release 0.4.0 was one of our longest releases to date. But it was well worth it. What came out of Release 0.4.0 was a set of implementations for many, if not most, of the core system for our Alpha release that is ready to be integrated into the Prelyria client and "assembled" in Release 0.5.0. At the same time, we exited Release 0.4.0 with a brand new client and art style which not only allows us to develop gameplay just as quickly as before (quicker, actually), but also allows us to create a pre-Alpha experiences that are functionally closer to what the final game will be, allowing for more accurate feedback.”

Stay tuned for the second round of Map Voting this month. There’s also Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to look forward to. You can peruse the full contents of the October newsletter over at the Chronicles of Elyria official site.