Chronicles Of Elyria Pushes Back Ducal Land Selection Window By One Week

chronicles of elyria wall towersHear ye! Hear ye! Chronicles of Elyria Dukes and Duchesses are hereby notified that selection of their duchies will be held in abeyance for one week. In common speak, land selection at the ducal level will be delayed by a week due to “a variety of internal and external factors”.

“[. . .] Effective immediately, start date for the ducal pick window will now be May 13th, 2019, causing each subsequent phase to be pushed back by 1 week. We will not be altering the pick orders, and pick times will still be at the same time of day, just one week later.”

Soulbound Studios says that the delay was due to challenges that the team faced during the first week of the Domain and Settlement Selection process. These included technical and hardware difficulties, and DDoS attacks against the servers, and other “unexpected developments”.

The studio promised compensation for all players participating in the Domain and Settlement selection process along with the in-game title “The Patient”. “We understand that many of you have altered plans to be ready for your pick time, and this delay affects those plans,” says the devs. “Though we can't ask your boss to approve your new time off request or suggest a good hobby to get you through the delay, we can make it up to you.”

Head over to the Chronicles of Elyria official site for more details.