Cloud Pirates Set To Officially Launch As A Free-To-Play Game On April 19th

All hands on deck. announced today that Cloud Pirates will be leaving Early Access and officially launching on April 19th. In just over two weeks, you will be able to play Cloud Pirates for free with out the need for an Early Access key.

The game will be launching alongside the release of the "Stronghold" update. True to its name, the Stronghold update will introduce Brotherhood Strongholds and the Stronghold Siege mode, as well as 3-man groups, personal ratings, and a League system. Both personal ratings and the League that you are in will be calculated on a per-ship basis.

Various "one-time consumables" will also be introduced, allowing players to temporarily boost their Offensive, Defensive, or Special stats in-game. Players will only have access to these consumables if they are both Rank 4 and commanding a ship of Tier 2 or higher.

You can read more about the upcoming launch update here.