Conquer Online 3.0: Kingdom War Launches This Thursday

NetDragon announced today that their flagship title Conquer Online's massive 3.0 Update, Kingdom War, is set to launch this Thursday. The Chinese server has seen regular changes in "the dominating powers" and Emperors of its servers since the launch of Kingdom War last month. Now, the English server is set to get the expansion in two days, changing the way PvP works along with it.

For those that don't remember, we previously described the Kingdom War as "a global PvP event that revolves around players coming together to fight for control of Guilds, Unions, and Kingdoms." The strongest Union will become the ruling party of that server, creating an independent Kingdom, and the leader will become the Monarch. The individual Kingdoms can then fight each other for dominance.

Additionally, players will be able to unlock Conquer Online's last Talisman, Tempest Wings. No details about this Talisman have been given as of yet.

For more information on Kingdom War before its launch on Thursday, head to the official website. You can also view the latest trailer below.