Darkfall: Rise Of Agon Gives A Thorough Explanation Of Upcoming Alignment Changes

darkfall rise of agon mounted army banner

Back in February, Big Picture Games announced their plans to launch Darkfall: Rise of Agon on Steam and the promise of a fresh start for the PvP sandbox MMORPG. The studio is taking that promise seriously with various gameplay and system overhauls lined up prior to the game’s Steam release.

One of the features that will be getting revamped is the Alignment and Stance system with the goal of making it as intuitive as possible, prevent griefing and alignment exploits, and bring race wars back to the forefront. In line with this, the devs have narrowed stances down to just two: lawful and lawless.

“Lawful is essentially hit protection/no friendly fire towards other lawful race allies. Lawless is essentially hostile stance. Associating with evil players (basically anything that is not a lawful non-rogue) in any way is a lawless action and is straight-up impossible to perform unless you are already evil (for a lawful player, the only way is to enter lawless/unwelcome tiles).”

The team will also be introducing a consensual duel mode that will require players to issue a challenge using the context menu and the other player to accept. Once accepted, each player will be put in a separate duel party and will be allowed to invite more people in for group duels. Players in duel parties will be able to deal damage to and heal each other and the opposing duel party without losing alignment points or going rogue.

The changes are expected to go live alongside the Darkfall’s upcoming Steam closed beta test. In the meantime, hardcore PvP fans can find an extremely detailed and technical explanation of the changes on the Darkfall: Rise of Agon official site.