[Update] Divergence Online Has Been Removed From Steam


Update: A more official post has been made to the Divergence Facebook Group stating that, because of the situation mentioned below and Valve's response to it, the team themselves have opted to remove the game from sale via Steam until they receive "a more favorable response from Valve other than the typical auto-response email." The game does remain playable for those who bought it, as with other games removed from Steam, and updates are ongoing. The original article is as follows.

Divergence Online has had a rough time on Steam with consistent accusations of having stolen assets from its primary source of inspiration, Star Wars Galaxies being slung at it. As of today, Valve have removed the game from sale on Steam, leaving its previous store page redirecting to the homepage. In fact, if the tweets are to be believed, Valve took it down thanks to accusations of stolen assets—only the assets in question aren't allegedly from Star Wars Galaxies.

A short while ago, Ana Morgan—one of Divergence Online's two developers—explained via tweets embedded below that someone had offered to send the two-person team assets completely unsolicited. When they refused, the person in question allegedly contacted Valve claiming that they had stolen their assets. Valve promptly removed the game from the Steam store.

From what it sounds like, the team has the proof to sort this out and have Divergence reinstated on Steam. However, it remains to be seen if this proof is enough for Valve to put the game back up for sale.

  • Timothy Noël

    Going to grab some popcorn. Looking forward to the podcast's discussion of this.

  • desius

    Hopefully it is permanent. Good riddance.

    • Johanna Peebles

      What's wrong with the game?

      • desius

        The game itself is maybe 10% feature complete and feels amateurish. Most of the game mechanics are not in, and those that are feel sloppy. It has milked backers for years with exceedingly slow progress.
        They sell P2W packages for hundreds of dollars on their cash shop.

        The primary developer is rude, dismissive, unprofessional, and a liar. I know this personally because he accused me of doing something that never happened, even going so far as to claim he had proof. When he was asked to provide the imaginary proof, he stopped replying.

        They regularly remove negative and critical feedback. Any post that is not singing their praises is considered to be posted by "carebear trolls". There were four or five different threads with uncomfortable questions or criticisms on the steam forums. Go ahead, read them - no, sorry you can't; they were removed.

        There is more to say, but my patience for spending thought on this "game" has run out. I'm sure there are others who can add more. ..and of course there will be the ones who will throw "troll" stones because they feel they have to justify their purchase, despite it being a poor investment right now.

        • Chez Whittey

          I can confirm everything that desius just posted. The developer, Ethan, is a true douchebag and that is being modest...

  • I'm not sure here, I'm in the middle so I can't comment on this, will have to play it to see it.