Dungeon Fighter: Spirit Goes Live In Korea


Three months after its last Closed Beta test, Dungeon Fighter: Spirit has finally gone live in Korea. The mobile Dungeon Fighter Online spin-off takes all of the core elements of its PC counterpart and puts them into a mobile game, while also introducing slick new 3D graphics into the mix.

The game is launching with four classes from Dungeon Fighter Online: Female Fighter, Female Gunner, Ghost Knight, and Mage. Each class has two job advancement options.

To celebrate the launch, several events are currently being held, each of which will end on January 26th. You can find the full set of details about these events here.

If you have access to a Korean App Store or Google Play account, you can download from your respective app store now: the iOS version can be found here, whereas the Android version can be found here. Alternatively, Android users can avoid all the hassle of setting up a Korean Google Play account and simply download the game via Qoo App.