Dungeon Fighter: Spirit Closed Beta Begins In South Korea


Neople and Nexon's 3D mobile version of Dungeon Fighter Online, Dungeon Fighter: Spirit, entered Closed Beta yesterday in South Korea. The Closed Beta will run until October 22nd and appears to be Android-exclusive for the time being, but the game will launch on both Android and iOS.

Dungeon Fighter: Spirit features four classes, Fighter, Gunner, Slayer, and Wizard, each of which can advance to other classes. According to MMOCulture, the game features several dungeon types, including a wave-based survival-style dungeon, and PvP, which unlocks at level 20. Real-time raids are also available.

A global release schedule has yet to be announced, but the description of the video below seems to imply that you can still play as long as you use a VPN to download it. There is no mention of needing a KSSN, Korean phone number, or I-PIN and it is not stated that you need to use a VPN during play.