Elite Dangerous Opens Console Copy Portal And Is Immediately Swamped By Requests

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The max exodus from the console version of Elite Dangerous to PC has begun and Frontier Developments has been immediately swamped by requests. According to the developer, they have been receiving lots of requests since the Console Copy Portal opened earlier today. This has caused delays with some transfer requests, some of which took as long as five hours to complete due to the amount of web traffic.

“We’re experiencing a high number of players going through the transfer process, so it may be a bit of a wait if you’re going through it now. Apologies for any inconvenience,” tweeted a Frontier support rep.

Those who are getting error messages while trying to complete the transfer are advised to change their username and try again. Aside from the long wait times and occasional error messages, the portal seems to be working as advertised with no closure date as of yet.

“The portal will remain open indefinitely, in order for as many Commanders to take advantage of the copy process as possible,” Frontier said. “Should the portal have a close date, we will of course inform players with enough time to react ahead of that happening.”

Console players who successfully transfer their accounts will get a free copy of the base game for PC. For those transferring their accounts, here’s a list of what won’t carry over to the PC version:

  • ARX Balance. Please ensure that you purchase desired customisations before you complete the transfer. Any unspent Arx will remain on your original console profile
  • Fleet Carriers and their contents. Please decommission these ahead of going through the process so that your resulting Credit balance will be included.
  • Your Commander name if it is already in use by another PC player. You will be given the chance to choose a new name as part of the process.
  • Squadron membership.
  • Friends lists, Block lists and Private Groups.
  • Current mission progress.

More information about the transfer process and the Console Copy Portal can be found on the Elite Dangerous official site.