Elite Dangerous Odyssey Will Not Be VR-Compatible And Won’t Include Base-Building Says Frontier

elite dangerous odyssey screenshot bannerA few days ago, Frontier Developments announced their plans to launch the Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion early next year. Odyssey, the next major expansion for the sci-fi MMORPG will allow players to finally set foot on a planet and explore them in first-person view. Since Elite Dangerouse is VR compatible, players are probably expecting the expansion to launch with VR support. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case. The developers explain why in a forum post yesterday:

“Currently, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will not be VR-compatible at launch. We’re big fans of VR and we are truly proud of the amazing experience that we currently offer in Elite Dangerous. However, the new gameplay, mechanics and features that will be introduced with Elite Dangerous: Odyssey means that we had to re-examine if we could deliver that same experience without compromise, which, for launch, means Odyssey will not be VR-compatible.”

Frontier also revealed that base-building will not be part of the expansion and that it isn’t on the development roadmap just yet. Players, however, can look forward to a whole host of other features including on-foot exploration, social hubs, combat, planetary tech, and more. The studio promises to share more information about the upcoming expansion’s content in the future.

Odyssey will be a paid expansion but will be available to Lifetime Expansion Pass subscribers for free. Head over to the Elite Dangerous official forums for more info. You’ll also find the Odyssey announcement trailer after the jump.