Fallen Earth Looks to Rebuild or Reboot in 2019

While we don't cover Fallen Earth too often, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi MMORPG is looking to make a splash in 2019 with some kind of rebuild or possibly a complete reboot. The game along with the entire GamersFirst.com platform was acquired earlier in 2018 by Santa Ana, California based game developer Little Orbit. Since the acquisition much hasn't changed for the game but developers have laid out their plans for the game in a lengthy post titled 'State of the Game'.

No word on what specifically is in the works but the idea of a rebirth or a complete reboot hasn't been ruled out. So players should expect either a huge update or some kind of re-launch with potentially upgraded graphics. Despite the game's age (released 2009), it's still up and running.

Fallen Earth - Official Launch Trailer


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