Fallen Earth Reboot Put On Backburner Due To Backlog Says Little Orbit CEO

fallen earth key art bannerWhen Little Orbit shut down Fallen Earth in 2019, they promised that they would reboot the post-apocalyptic MMORPG. Since then, the studio has fallen silent about the state of the reboot. A recent tweet from Little Orbit CEO Matthew Scott, however, reveals disappointing news. According to Scott, the game has been placed on the backburner as the studio tries to cope with everything else that’s going on.

“Sorry for being so quiet about [Fallen Earth]. My schedule has been a bit out of control lately which limits my time to interact with the community,” tweeted Scott on Saturday. “[Little Orbit] is super backlogged right now. We have a number of projects close to shipping then we can start back up on Fallen Earth.”

Fallen Earth launched back in September 2009 with the IP changing hands a few times during its 10-year run on PC. Reloaded Productions (formerly Icarus Studios) originally owned the IP which was then bought by GamersFirst in 2011, and finally landed in Little Orbit’s portfolio when the company acquired GamersFirst in May 2018. Fallen Earth was officially shut down in October 2019.


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