Fantasy MMORPG Astellia Preps For First Closed Beta Test Next Week

astellia forest embersBarunson and Studio 8 are gearing up for the first Astellia Closed Beta Test next week and are giving participating players an overview of what to expect during the testing process. A new dev blog post reminds testers that the first phase of testing will focus on testing server performance, PvE progression, and gathering user data for future content.

“For the first 5 days of CBT-1 you will be able to play the game in its default state, this will allow us to measure progression speed, determine problematic areas, and overall give us a baseline for how the various game systems are being used. Beyond this general information, we’re also going to be paying close attention to how normal and legendary dungeons are performing. Our concern here is gear progression, we want to make sure that the progression from normal to legendary dungeons is both challenging and rewarding. To support this on Saturday we will enable a Special NPC that will level your character to level 50 and provide a set of suitable equipment. Please note to use the Level-Up NPC your character will need to be level ten or higher.”

The devs also encourage players to share their feedback, suggestions, and personal opinions on how to improve and tailor-fit the game’s tutorial system and other aspects of the game for Western players, which, during the CBT will mirror that of the KR version. A number of features and improvements, however, will already be fully in place during the CBT. These include active dodging, an in-game wiki, as well as combat, animation, and performance improvements.

In addition, both EU and NA players will be connecting to a single NA server during the testing phase as part of the technical stress test. “[. . .] We do this to apply as much pressure to the system as possible,” explains Barunson, “however we want to make it very clear that we will have separate servers for NA & EU, and this setup is done specifically for testing purposes.”

CBT-1 will run from June 25th through July 1st. The CBT-1 client is now available for pre-download. Head over to the Astellia official site for more info.