Forge Of Empires' North American Playerbase Grew 70% In 2015


Considering all of the TV commercials that have been promoting it in the past year, today's news regarding Forge of Empires may come as no surprise to you. InnoGames announced today that their leading social MMORTS' North American playerbase grew by a staggering 70% in 2015. This statistic is said to be "second only to the growth of the Russian Forge of Empires community."

A new infographic with even more player statistics was released alongside the news. Only 25% of the playerbase is on iOS, whereas 36% are on Android and a surprising 39% are still in-browser. The most popular Great Buildings are Castel Del Monte, the Cathedral of St. Basil, and the Notre Dame. The average US player sent 118 messages to other players, fought with other players 181 times, and went on 1074 quests over the course of 2015.